Monday, March 26, 2007

Playing with the new wok

We love fried rice. But all that white rice blows me up like a balloon. Last night we tried fried rice with brown rice instead, and it wasn't bad at all. All of my memories of brown rice were pretty negative, so this was a pleasant surprise. Made it in the new wok, whose seasoning is working out pretty well. I had made some char sui pork this weekend (a Martin Yan recipe, quite yummy) and so that went in with slices of asparagus and chopped onion and carrot. I used low-sodium soy sauce, which I am finding is not so great for seasoning, as the salt level is just too low in the finished dish. So we're going to save that for table use, I guess. Did prove my guess that even though I am allergic to peanuts I can have peanut oil. I had heard that it's the proteins in peanuts that cause the allergy and they aren't in the oil. I didn't have any reaction to using peanut oil in the fried rice.

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