Friday, March 09, 2007

Italian Beef - did it work?

Yes, I think the final verdict on the beef is that it is very close. However, it has required some tinkering that I need to quantify so I can post it. Bottom line is that I almost followed the recipe on but messed with it a bit. I rubbed the beef with the seasonings, and then basted it with beef broth, and I really should have just followed the recipe straight up. What I ended up doing was having a base that I still had to add all of the ingredients to, and then it still needed more marjoram and oregano, as well as red chile flake and beef base, to make it taste right. But then it really did taste right. The dicey thing is the balance of the Worcestershire sauce. I had one question about adding fennel, but the recipe did not include fennel and I didn't see that flavor missing. For now, refer to the forum and look in the Recipe section under the thread "LF Italian Beef" and you'll see what I've been working from. In the next few days I will quantify what I have done and get it written down here accurately.

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