Monday, March 26, 2007

No white foods? The hunter-gatherer diet for a while

Okay, maybe not that extreme. But for now I am cutting out white sugar, white flour (and most all things made with it), potatoes, and white rice from my diet as well as corn products. Most sugars are gone for a while, but some will sneak in with marinades where the percentage will be very low. Some fruits, like berries, are okay but no tropical fruits. And unlike my last run at a low-carb diet, I'm cutting back some on saturated fats, too. So instead of a tuna salad full of mayo, I'm cutting the mayo with half low-fat plain yogurt. I kind of like the tang it gives, anyway. So this is the hunter-gatherer diet. Only whole grains, including barley, brown rice, and maybe a little whole wheat. Plenty of proteins like fish, and lots of veg. I'm really trying to find a diet, in the broad sense of the word, that I can live with. I was very successful with a low-carb diet while I was on it, since it seems to suit my metabolism. But I couldn't quite live with it (and neither could Dave). This new strategy, well, we'll see. I can't be slavishly committed to it and keep taking cooking classes, I think, but as long as that is the exception rather than the rule I hope it will be okay. I just won't take any baking classes for a while!

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