Thursday, January 22, 2009

Learning from Jacques

Yes, I do think that Jacques Pepin is an amazing man. Not just because he has such "classic" French training but because he's figured out ways to apply that to cooking for home cooks. I think that his series "Fast Food My Way" is so practical and I can't believe how many times I have an "aha" moment when watching that show. Tonight I was watching a recorded episode where he was making a seafood soup as a first course. What did I learn? A simple way to get a great julienne of leeks. Cut a 4" section of leek in half top to bottom, flatten out one half of it and fold it top to bottom. Then do a julienne cut, and you have a great result. In the same episode he thickened his seafood soup with instant potato flakes. While I would never have those things in the house, it is certainly a practical solution and much easier for most folks than making a beurre manie or a roux. I also saw him using a non-stick All-Clad skillet and today I got an email about a sale on said skillets, not related to the program. I was due to buy yet another pan...I always need more pans...can never have too many cooking will be so much better with this pan...see I can justify this six ways from Sunday!

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