Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New gadgets

Just bought a 45-blade meat tenderizer. So now I can make cube steaks, and also pork chop sandwiches. Gee, that sounds healthy ;-) but since it's winter my tummy craves comfort foods!I'm waiting for my Benriner rotary slicer, I have no idea why I bought it except that I've always coveted one. So I guess we're going to have lots of vegetable shreds and ribbons, and I can make shredded potato-wrapped fish fillets. It's fortunate that one thing Dave never begrudges me are kitchen gadgets! My favorite current gadget is a cheap juice extractor. Mostly right now it's for carrot-celery-apple juice for my breakfast, but I had the bright idea this week that I can use the leftover carrot and celery pulp as "fodder" for the mirepoix in a bolognese sauce, since that needs to be pulped anyway. We'll see how that goes later today. I'm also going to juice some cucumbers and make a gelee of them with lemongrass flavor to go with some oysters for a dinner party in March. I'm also thinking of a celery and green peppercorn ice as a shellfish accompaniment. So it will come in handy there, too.

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