Thursday, January 18, 2007

The best calamari

While we were in Hawaii we ate at Bamboo, way up at the north tip of the island in Hawi. Boy, was it worth the trip. One thing we really like are fried calamari strips, and they had the best we've ever tasted. Simple preparation, done perfectly. They cut their own, dredge in cornstarch, egg, and panko. Then deep fry them. The house-made tartar sauce they serve includes pickled ginger (gari) and pineapple. Absolutely delicious. They also have a Thai coconut sauce that is great, so good that I bought their little cookbook for $5 so I could have the recipe. It's pretty complex with lots of ingredients but they say it keeps well. It would make rocks taste good, so I will have to try it out soon. They also have chicken potstickers that have peanut butter in the filling. I hear those are really good, but being allergic to peanuts I'll have to settle for the hearsay!

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