Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Losing a good friend

Last weekend I went to a wake of sorts, to celebrate the passing of a friend. Does it matter that the friend was a cooking school? Nope. Culinary Communion was a place where I discovered and embraced my inner food geek. I learned to be a fearless home chef. While I don’t need CC for that anymore, I might not have ever gotten to where I am now without it. The founders created something that did truly develop into a community bound by love for cooking and cooking for love.

A high-school friend wrote in my annual “A friend is someone who knows you and still likes you.” That is the way I feel about Culinary Communion. I knew them, they knew me. Though there were days when I would see things that made me chuckle and shake my head, I always went back. And there was always someone there to welcome me and make me feel welcome - even as they occasionally chuckled and shook their heads over me.

The people I met, the meals we shared, and the learning along the way will never leave me. So RIP, Culinary Communion. Your spirit, and your recipes, will live on.

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