Friday, March 31, 2006

New appliances!

Seems my life is all about food right now. We just ordered new appliances for a partial kitchen remodel. I am so excited, I will finally have a nice built-in fridge (KitchenAid, in case you are wondering -- had the best repair record). And one of those Advantium ovens that cook with microwaves and light. That should be very fun to play with. The dishwasher is the brand-new top end model from Miele, with a rack in the top for silver instead of that dumb basket. All in stainless; even though I know it shows fingerprints yadda yadda yadda it will look cool and in fact I think brighten the kitchen nicely. The new range is GE and has two ovens, one that can warm at 150 degrees but also goes up to 450 degrees. The main oven has convection cooking, and the cooktop has five gas burners with a continuous grate that will be much friendlier than what we currently have. Unfortunately it will be a few weeks before the electrical and cabinet work are done so we can have all the neat new stuff installed, but knowing that we made the leap and bought them is a great step. After that, new countertops! No more formica for me, we're going to Swanstone because I can put a 450 degree pot on it without insulation. In this really cool sage and violet pattern, will go great with the sage green walls in the kitchen. Backsplash is going to be metal, one that works with magnets so I can put all my spices in cans and stick them to the backsplash over my work counter. Can't wait...

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